Pro golfer loses more sponsorship deals after gay slur


We don’t put up a lot of golf news, it isn’t exactly the sexiest of sports, second only perhaps to bowls or cricket. Somehow seeing Trump’s portly side profile holding a golf bat (is that right?) has destroyed our golfing semi in its infancy. Nevertheless, here we are, and it’s a bit unfortunate.


Back on January 9th in Hawaii, 27-year-old professional golfer Justin Thomas, let slip a gay slur when he missed a shot (a 5 foot putt on the fourth hole in fact– we looked it up). Thomas blurted out ‘faggot’ in frustration and in that split second, everything changed.


Within days Ralph Lauren had withdrawn its lucrative sponsorship of the golfer. The former number one (and current number three) expressed deep regret and wondered even how it was in his vocabulary (we could hazard a guess if you’d like?)


This week, Woodford Reserve whiskey also rescinded its sponsorship deal, even removing Thomas’ name branded whiskey from sale. He has since promised to undergo a ‘training programme’ and vows to prove he’s not homophobic.