Pride Month: Another homophobic attack leaves teen battered

Instagram: josh.ormrod



Liverpool teen attacked in broad daylight during Pride Month.


Queerphobic attacks are still a frighteningly common occurrence in 2021 and many, like this incident in Liverpool yesterday, happen completely unprovoked and without any prior altercation or reasoning. Just random attacks on an innocent person simply ‘for not being straight’.


Josh – a 19 year old student from Liverpool – posted a picture on his Instagram yesterday, writing:


“Last night, in concert square (liverpool), a complete stranger attacked me based purely on the fact that i am not straight. the attack was unprovoked and completely random – i’ve no idea who the man is, or if/how he knew me.

it was broad daylight on a busy street. i’m not posting this for sympathy – i want it to be used as a warning. these people exist everywhere, and these things happen far too much to be ignored. in the space of just one week both myself and a close friend have suffered unprovoked hate crimes from strangers in central liverpool.

this city is supposed to be safe, but our home is becoming more frightening by the day. the police have the man who assaulted me in custody, and as far as injuries go i got off lightly; no broken bones, managed to keep all my teeth, just battered and bruised.

look out for your friends, don’t walk anywhere alone, and keep yourself safe. these are scary times; we have to come together to stop this from happening to anyone else. we have to be better.
#LGBT #Pride


This is just another example – one of many recently – of how very important Pride still is and how much work still has to be done to protect our freedom and our safety. No one should be afraid just to walk down the street. 


Sending love to you, Josh! It gets better xx