We talked recently about the pros and cons of the commercialisation of Pride and this is definitely a pro.

The spin-off series from the Madagascar movie franchise is introducing a non-binary forest giraffe called Odee the Okapi, voiced by non-binary actor Ezra Menas.

Showing on Hulu in the US, Madagascar: A Little Wild is airing a Pride-themed episode called ‘Whatever Floats Your Boat’ where Odee will make their series debut. Even the animals are celebrating the ‘Annual Pride Parade’ as mainstay character Marty the Zebra  endeavours to find his pal Odee a float that best fits their identity. We ALL need zebra allies.

Actor Menas told Entertainment Weekly ‘If I would have seen this when I was a kid, I don’t even know what I would’ve done. This kind of acceptance and love and celebration, I think, is the biggest takeaway from this episode. It’s just a beautiful thing. Makes me cry.’

Menas also sings the brand new song Be Proud in the episode that airs in June. Check local listing for where you can see it in your country.

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