Hollywood is often criticised for being ‘too woke’ or even preachy in the way they collectively approach various social issues but ultimately, if one of the farthest reaching industries in the world aren’t leading the way in inclusivity, who’s going to do it?

As we all know, politics in the USA is toxic right now, for trans kids more than anyone else, so it’s great to see that not only are animation studio giant Pixar looking to include a trans character, they want to hire a trans actor to voice the part.

Pixar won some muted plaudits for having a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it lesbian character in 2020’s Onward but here it seems the company are gong a step further. Only by being part of stories can the myths, fears and lies about trans people be dispelled enough for certain areas of the political spectrum to back the hell off and leave kids alone. 

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