Pete Buttigieg comes out fighting for trans kids on The Late Show


‘Mayor’ Pete Buttigieg is an LGBTQ+ hero and as the Secretary of Transportation, is the first gay cabinet member confirmed by the Senate. 


After his boss, President Joe Biden, spoke about his support for the LGBTQ+ community, Pete marked the end of Pride month by appearing on Stephen Colbert’s show and he did not mince his words when it came to Republicans using trans youth rights as a political weapon. 


He said “These kids have the courage to be who they are, and they just want to be accepted and go to the bathroom like everybody else, and play sports like everybody else and be – live.” As for the politics involved in to spate of anti-trans legislation, Buttigieg said “I hope that it will prove to not be good politics to pick on transgender kids when these political attacks and terrible laws get beaten back.”


THIS is what a good politician is about. Not trying to take pot shots, not out for themselves and truly listening to what the people he serves want. Watch the interview below.