OMFG. Leaked Fortnite document reveals potential Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande crossover concert


Please be true, please be true. 

So you know how Rain on Me was released while the whole world was locked down and, as gays, it felt like a terrible injustice that we couldn’t properly enjoy the absolute banger to its fullest extent? No open clubs, no live shows and therefore criminally few opportunities to see the duo perform it live together, even just on TV?

Well, thanks to some leaked court documents (added scandal which we love), we may be about to have some of that injustice Рat least partially Рcorrected.  

A leaked¬†Fortnite¬†document has revealed¬†Epic Games‚Äė supposed plans for high-profile in-game concerts featuring¬†Ariana Grande¬†and¬†Lady Gaga.

The documents, which date back to June 2020, were released due to the ongoing lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games. Included in those was a scheduled Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga concert collaboration, to hit the virtual in-game stage in October and December 2020 respectively. 

What we don’t know is if the show will still take place. HOWEVER something tells us that, now the leak is out there, now that people are talking about it, the fan demand will surely put some pressure on organizers to make sure that it does.¬†

You hear that, organizers?? 

Because let’s face it, every time the pop powerhouses have got together it has been amazing, so this would absolutely be immense.¬†

Other collaborations that have yet to materialise include a LeBron James-inspired skin in Q4 2020 and an undisclosed plan with Dwayne ‚ÄúThe Rock‚ÄĚ Johnson for Q1 2021.

Other crossovers, such as Samus Aran from Metroid, anime character Naruto, The Bride from the Kill Bill films and more were also listed but have yet to come to fruition.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if the proposed events go ahead or get scrapped, but as for LG & AG…

Fortnite, if you’re reading this: MAKE. IT. RAIN. (on me)