Newly out Iceman turns a cool lewk for the Hellfire Gala


Freshly out of the closet, superhero/X-man Iceman (whose real name is Bobby Drake) has revealed the gender fluid outfit he’s going to be¬†wearing to the Hellfire Gala – the superpowered version of the Met Gala.¬†

Drake decided to live his truth recently, announcing that he’s out, gay and proud. Clearly inspired by Billy Porter’s red carpet looks, Iceman has gone for a ‘genderfuck aesthetic’ with Gaga-esque heels and a chilly corset going into a daring snowy train. Pop on some pointy ice-wings and you’ve got a red carpet lewk that would freeze the glances of even the most discerning of fashionistas¬†

The mutant nation of Krakoa is holding the super-bash and us mere mortals won’t be allowed to attend of course but we can dream eh. With goodies and baddies on the guest list, we’re in no doubt it’ll going to be eventful. You can check out all the action across 12 issues of X-Men comics resulting in an all-new X-Men team where fans get to vote on the members. Exciting stuff!¬†