New intersex-inclusive Pride flag revealed



The OG LGBTQ+ flag has undergone numerous essential redesigns over the years, notably and importantly the addition of stripes to represent LGBTQ+ POC and our trans family. 


The latest update aims to better include intersex people, abandoning the stripes-only theme by adding a large yellow triangle on the left with a circle inside of it.


Intersex Equality Rights UK shared the latest version of the Pride Progress flag on social media, saying:


“Happy Pride 2021!

“For our Intersex Inclusion Campaign we’d like to share with you our new intersex inclusive Pride Progress flag.

In 2013 Morgan Carpenter and Tony Briffa of Intersex Human Rights Australia designed the intersex flag.

In 2017 under the leadership of American civil rights activist Amber Hikes, Philadelphia’s Office of LGBT Affairs developed the rainbow flag to incorporate black and brown stripes to include black, brown, and people of colour.

Building on that in 2018 Daniel Quasar redesigned the flag to include trans people, creating the Pride Progress flag.

In 2021, Valentino Vecchietti of Intersex Equality Rights UK developed the Pride Progress flag design to incorporate the intersex flag.

Since we posted this flag on our Instagram page and on Twitter WeAreIERUK – intersex people and allies from all over the globe have said it is bringing them joy to see intersex inclusion in the Pride Progress flag.

Please know that our intention for this flag is create intersex inclusion because we need to see it. Whilst we have done our best to gather Information about other iterations of the rainbow flag, so that we can credit people with their work. We understand that we may have made unintentional omissions simply because we don’t know. We ask for your patience, and please know that we are always grateful if someone wishes to share their knowledge to fill in any gaps. Thank you for your understanding 💛💜#intersex #flag #pride2021″


The term intersex refers to people born with sexual anatomy that doesn’t fit the medical and societal definition of “male” or “female”. Studies show that as much as 1.7% of the world’s population is born intersex.


S’long as it’s loud and proud- we’re into it! Check out the flag and accompanying post below!