Mystery Premier League footballer secretly tried to bag Baga Chipz


Heard the one about the drag queen and the household name pro footie player? Yeah, nether had we… until now!


Nothing beats a juicy bit of gossip in these trying times and this piece is positively dripping. Reports have surfaced that a British Premier League footballer slid into UK Drag Race stand out star Baga Chipz’s DMs trying to set up a clandestine meet.


There is a continuing problem with homophobia in football so whoever it is would be dicing with danger but according to the story, they were willing to forgo their macho image. 


As it turns out, Baga turned down the top tier player’s advances citing her own reputation, never mind his. Whether they were looking or fun night out or to have a rummage in Baga’s sack, clearly she had other things to do that were ‘much bettah’.