Milking it? Kelloggs is launching a Pride cereal and it’s GRRRRREAT!


Whatever your feelings on big corporations jumping on the Pride bandwagon, changing their logo to a rainbow theme and then doing bugger all for the LGBTQ+ community the rest of the year –  well, they need to take a cornflake or two out of Kelloggs’s box. 

Us LGBTQ+ folk like colourful and shiny things and Kelloggs are giving us just that… in GODDAMN cereal! The breakfast behemoth have teamed up with GLAAD to launch the limited edition ‘Together With Pride’ rainbow coloured, heart-shaped cereal – with edible glitter. 

That’s right we shitter you not, it has glitter entwined within its crunchy goodness. In fact, you might not be able to polish a turd but your bum dumps will now sparkle and shimmer as they go on their magical journey down those porcelain pipes to poo heaven.  

All your fave Kelloggs friends feature on the the box including Tony the Tiger, Snap, Crackle & Pop, Toucan Sam (errrmm) and the frosted Mini Wheat (come again?) because according to Kelloggs they want to “celebrate everyone having a seat at the breakfast table together.” Whether that means Coco The Monkey is a raging homophobe remains to be clarified.

Kellogg’s will be donating $3 of the $4 retail price of the cereal to GLAAD which is pretty damn incredible but for the moment it seems you will only be able to get them in the US.

Seeing as the EU and the UK have much stricter guidelines on sugar and additive content (no Lady Gaga Oreo’s for us, what do you MEAN ‘Chromatica pink’ isn’t 1 of my 5 a GAY?), the multiple colours, the flavourings and the errr glitter probably won’t exactly meet the strict standards but hey we’ll be able to get them on import for ten times the price. Sweeeeeet. Literally.