Mike Pence assembles anti-gay PAC with possible eyes on the White House


Mere months after the MAGA crowd were baying for his blood at the behest of their cult leader, spineless sycophant Mike Pence is back suckling at Trump’s toxic teat. 


He has assembled a crew of malevolent cronies to forward his anti-gay agenda which he barely even tries to mask having already teamed up with two homophobic organisations since narrowly escaping with his head in the Capitol insurrection. 


Pence’s new PAC called Advancing American Freedom includes the likes of failed presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, lying corpse Kellyanne Conway and anti-LGBT ghouls Kaye James and Ed Feulner.


The group stands for ‘religious freedom’ which we all know is a buzz phrase for using God as an excuse to be homophobic and even said in a statement ‘Conservatives will not stand idly by as the radical left and the new administration attempt to threaten America’s standing as the greatest nation in the world with their destructive policies’


Clearly he has a very short memory as his new gang tries to court the very people who wanted him dead and he seems to have forgotten that Trump made America the laughing stock of the world. Hey ho, what can you expect from a man who can’t even be in the same room as a woman (other than his wife/carer) on his own without spontaneously combusting or creaming his piss-stained grandpa pants.