Marvel madness! Tom Hiddleston time travels and Scar-Jo kicks ass in new trailers


The boffins at Disney had a lot of catching up to do when it came to streaming with Netflix going to over 200 millions households worldwide.


One pandemic later and a load of exclusive shows in the bag, they are now on over 100 million thanks in no small part to relatively recently purchased assets Star Wars and Marvel. Managing to smash it out the park this past year, Marvel have just released not one but two new trailers this week!


If you’re not a fan of Marvel’s ever expanding universe then you’ll know Tom Hiddleston from his sexy turn in The Night Manager or embarrassing himself in the sea with ex Taylor Swift. 


Tom stars as Loki, the mischievous brother of Chris Hemsworth’s hunky Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and just like WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, he is hitting Disney+ with his own show. 


Marvel have just released a new trailer for the time travelling series which comes to the streaming giant on June 11. 


Meanwhile after a gazillion delays, Scarlet Johansson’s stand alone solo adventure is at last seeing the light of day as we revealed recently.


Disney have also just released brand spanking new trailer for it and we have it right here. The movie will be out at the cinema and on Disney+ (with an added cost on Premiere Access) on July 9th.