Marvel celebrates Pride Month with new LGBTQ+ covers and a new gay hero!

(L-R) Northstar, Somnus and Black Cat head for Marvel's Pride Month!

If you’re looking for LGBTQ+ representation in the Marvel movies, it is slim pickings. Not so in the comics however, as we showed you recently with Iceman’s latest fierce new look

There has been a flurry of activity on Marvel’s Twitter account as they gear up to celebrate Pride Month with their various LGBTQ+ characters, including a brand new one Somnus.

Marvel’s Voices is a new series of inclusive comics that focuses on LGBTQ+ characters such as Black Cat, America Chavez, Iceman and Northstar.  The first edition is to be called Pride but then future ones will also looks at race within the Marvel universe as well. 

As for the the new guy on the block Somnus, well Marvel have this to say about his various gifts: ‘A mutant who had an extraordinary impact on an X-Man long ago, Somnus’ powers give him total control of people’s dreams, but he was never able to follow his own. Now, Somnus is given a second chance at life, and he’s determined to make the most out of it.’

In the mean time – he might not be gay but he’s camp as tits and has an acid touch to rival any drag queen worth their salt. It’s murderous Loki and his new series which starts on Disney+ next month!