Marjorie Taylor-Greene adds transphobia to her growing list of attributes


Conspiracy theory spouting hate-mongering Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is a purveyor of divisive rhetoric whose outright lies and shameful behaviour has lead to her being stripped of her committee roles. 


Not only has she repeated the ‘birtherism’ conspiracy (that Obama wasn’t born in the ISA but in fact was burn Kenya, oh and he’s Muslim), she can also be seen on video harassing a teenage survivor of the Parkland shootings who was trying to bring some sort of gun reform to the United States. Oh and she’s all in on QAnon as well, OBVS.¬†


This week she can add transphobia to her ever lengthening checklist of right wing propaganda. Democratic¬†Congressional Representative Marie Newman from Illinois decided to put a trans frag outside Greene’s office in the Capitol building as she was unhappy with earlier comments Green had made which she felt disrespected her own 20 year old trans daughter.¬†


In retaliation, Greene had a sign made and put it up opposite Newman’s office saying ¬†‘There are TWO genders; Male & Female. Trust the science!’ Newman said in response on CNN¬†‘She’s welcome to her sign, no-one’s buying it. That is not science.’


With people like Greene currently running riot over the GOP is it any wonder politics has become so toxic in the USA right now? You’d have thought some people would dial it back after the insurrection and riots of January 6th but alas it only seems tone getting worse.¬†