Oh Madge, she just can’t seem to get to grips with social media sometimes. Jokes and sarcasm are more often than not lost in translation and she seems to keep making that same mistake. 


After more than a few social media fails in the past few years, she’s done it again this week posting a pic of Lil Nas X’s gay kiss and her snog with Britney and Christina side by side with the hashtag #diditfirst


I mean, we were all thinking it and that was no doubt his intention but as usual people got the wrong end of the stick and immediately the backlash began. If you’re a fan of Madonna’s you know she has a wry sense of humour but today’s social media environment can be toxic and the fact that she’s not gay meant everyone came down on her for ‘queer-baiting’ and inserting herself in to black culture again. 


Such was the backlash that Lil Nas X himself jumped into the fray shutting it down saying on Twitter, ‘me and madonna are friends. it’s just a joke.’ The problem is, it no doubt was a joke and if you’re pals with someone that’s totally the sort of thing that you’d say but without that context it just looks a touch bitter and people just ran with that,  Sometimes, you really are better off just saying nothing. 

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Madonna references Lil Nas X’s gay kiss saying she ‘did it first’ – internet goes mad but turns out they’re pals

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