Luke Evans and Josh Gad to return in Beauty and the Beast musical spin off series


Oh my Gad! We’ve always known there was something very…er gay(?) about the relationship between LeFou and Gaston in Beauty and the Beast.


Well now we’re going to have a chance to take a deep dive into their adventures as Disney+ have greenlit an eight- part series about them. 


Josh Gad, who plays LeFou, pitched the idea to Disney and they’ve jumped on boar – producing a musical series with Brit Luke Evans also returning as Gaston. Newcomer Brianna Middleton joins the fairytale world as LeFou’s stepsister Tilly insisting they go off on adventure following some shocking news from her past.


So far, SO intriguing. Gad has written the show and the one and only Alan Menken who composed the original 1991 score will be writing the soundtrack. 


Seeing as the live action Beauty and the Beast caused a bit of a stir when there was a fleeting moment of man on man dancing (oh my heavens, we’re getting the vapours!) seemingly confirming LeFou’s sexuality, we can imagine Gad will inject the series with ALL sorts of campery. Both of the main actors are gay in real life after all and it is a goddamn musical!