In a classic case of no good deed (or job in this case) goes un-punished, Michael Cimino, the star of Love, Victor, has received hate from BOTH sides of the aisle for his tender and thoughtful performance.


In a new interview with Attitude, the straight 21-year-old discusses how he anticipated some backlash, but where it came from surprised even him. He said: ‘I got some homophobic comments – I kind of expected that to happen. I didn’t expect it from my own family members, though, some of them reached out, saying: “You used to be so cool, now you’re so gay.”


That’s just for playing a gay character, not even actually being gay! It bodes stop there though, it seems neither side of the aisle were happy with his casting: ‘I’ve definitely had some criticism from the LGBT+ community for being in the role. I’ve had death threats, which is horrible. But the show is important to me. The messages of hate – I came into it knowing that would happen, regardless of how good I was.’


Not to be disheartened however (SOMEHOW) the actor sees further that the role being JUST a part, saying: ‘There are some straight actors who play gay characters, who are all about supporting LGBT+ rights while they’re promoting their project, but once they’re done, a year later, it’s kind of forgotten.That’s not how [to] be an ally, that’s not how you support LGBT+ rights. If you’re not an actual ally, then what are you doing?’


We couldn’t agree more. The topic of ‘should only queer people play queer roles’ rages on but right now, lets just enjoy a great performance in a great show which is ALL about us after all. Can’t that be enough (for now)?

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