Love Island goes… queer?

Image: ITV


If, like me, you’re a depressed single bitch* Tinder user in the UK then you may have noticed a reoccurring ad pop up for popular ITV reality show Love Island.

(* you don’t have to be a ‘depressed single bitch’ to use Tinder, obviously, it’s just that I do happen to be one)


If, like me, you’ve seen it and thought “pah, that’s just for straights” or “pah that’s only for impossibly attractive human beings with shockingly unobtainable physiqies”… then this time you’d only be half right. 


According to reports in the Daily Star Love Island are now “accepting gay singletons”. Ahhh acceptance from the straights, it’s all we’ve ever wanted. Oh wait, no, that’s inclusivity. So we’ve got that too – as long as you’re fit.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t love Love Island. I know that EVERYONE LOVES Love Island. It’s just that I don’t love Love Island. 


Anyway, since y’all do, here we go…


“ITV and Love Island teamed up with Tinder earlier this year to find a new batch of islanders,” a source revealed.

“They have been placing the ads strategically inside the app so you have to swipe left or right.

“The ads have been showing up on both male and female gay accounts as well as on those of straight people.”




Okay so here’s the thing… it could be brilliant. In theory it’s potentially brilliant. I mean, if this helps to – through the medium of popular television – further normalise a fair and equal society where people can be and love whoever then choose then I am all *clap emoji* for *clap emoji* it *clap emoji*. 


BUT… if this turns out to be the televisual equivalent of every single boozer in the country brandishing a Pride Flag in June just to get money in the till, when 11 other months of the year I’d be told to fuck off for kissing my boyfriend at the bar… then I’m not down. I’d rather watch Slag Wars thanks. 


Only time will tell I guess… will it be a glorious step forward for the LGBTQ and indeed I plus community? Or will it be as questionable as an M&S Limited Edition sandwich, which is ultimately all packaging and profit but no texture (Or taste – Guacamole because it stands for G, guys) .


Here’s some Love Island clips: