Looking for the next stupid movement? Here comes ‘super straight’


We’ll keep this brief but we feel it’s important to be informed when a new name for bigotry pops up into the global vernacular. 


A TikTok user, who may or may not be a full blown ‘incel’, has declared that he wouldn’t date a trans woman because “that’s not a real woman to me…I want a real woman.”


What’s an incel you cry? It’s a (home) school day today on GLUE! An incel is someone who is INvoluntarily CELebate. Although this might seem funny, the notion of incels has been linked to rape and even mass shootings due to a young guy’s feeling of being unfairly mocked or overlooked. 


Back to this dude, he claims that to be ‘super straight’, only ever dating a ‘woman that is born a woman’ and the idea drew traction across other media platforms resulting in him getting slapped with a ban from TikTok. 


Fear not however, where social media gives… it also taketh away. One responder said “You like women but you’re excluding an entire group of women. If a plumber only works on shower drains and refuses to work on sinks, we don’t call him a ‘super plumber'”


We believe that’s called a mic drop.