Loch Ness Monster found! And he’s quite the beast


The legend of the Loch Ness Monster is as old as the hills but a cheeky man has capitalised on the world-wide mystery by revealing his own beast. 


Over the weekend if you happened to be visiting Loch Ness in Scotland, woe betide you were with your dear old Nan using Google Maps and clicked on the street view. If you did you’d have been treated to more of a trouser snake that a sea creature in the form of a mystery man who somehow managed to hack the system. 


Apparently the chunky gent has done the same thing at other more family related destinations such as Walt Disney World in the past but his identity remains a mystery as he remains at large. 


As for the REAL Loch Ness monster, there have been more sightings than ever in the last year due to ‘lochdown’ meaning the water has been more settled with no tourist boats allowed. There have been 15 sightings already in 2021 but surely none as terrifying as this new one.  


Oh and what you really came for? The full thing, much like Nessy herself, remains a bit of an online mystery, but you can see more of this guys ‘monster’ here