Lil Nas X gave the devil a lap dance and it’s your own fault for queer coding us for generations

(Image @LilNasx Instagram)



While the internet is still ablaze (much like hell itself) with controversy over the EPIC Lil Nas X music video for  ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’, one user Tweet in particular hit a note with us this week and we thought it worth sharing.


The video – which sees Nas giving the Devil a lap dance (werk, henny) – dropped a week after the Vatican announced they cannot bless ‘sinful’ same-sex marriage, and was met with widespread (bollocks, performative, right-wing) criticism for ‘encouraging Satanism’. Cool.


Anyway, needless to say, Twitter went mental (we posted some Lil Nas X clapback’s on @TheGlueMagazine and they are EVERYTHING).


But this tweet from user @MxOriJay got us thinking about the origins of queer coding in movies, which you can (and should) read about right here!

Twitter: MxOriJay


So, in reality, who is really to blame here? You told us through movies that gays are bad, you also told us that villains are bad. Cool. Just two ‘villains’ having a dance, right? Unless what you’re really saying is that us “villains” (queers) just shouldn’t have a platform to make (*thoroughly catchy*) pop songs and corresponding music videos?


Or is it that, for generations, movie villains were given fundamentally queer characteristics and maybe that inevitably made them a bit cool and fabulous? Sexy even?


Either way, we’re still living for the video.


Read all about queer coding in Disney movies right here!