LGBT+ Music Spotlight: The G3sha – Boys

Music partnership with @theg3sha


We caught up with recording artist The G3sha to talk about his new provocative dance anthem ‘Boys‘.


Queer culture and music have always been hugely interlinked.


What we have seen in recent years, however, as public and press perception of LGBTQ+ culture has developed and grown, is a shift in the public relationship between many LGBT+ recording artists and their queerness. In 2021, artists in the mainstream music charts are free to be more proud and vibrantly visible than ever before.


Arguably there has never been a better time to be an out musician in the public eye.

That’s not to say that LGBTQ+ artists aren’t still met with unique obstacles and hurdles, but the door to honest self-expression within your music is certainly a lot more ajar now for many artists than it has been in the past. 

We caught up with one such musician, who’s hoping to make an impact with his latest single ‘Boys‘.


The G3sha (real name Joshua Su) is a Singaporean rapper whose previous single I’m OK (below) reflected on his own coming out, the internalized homophobia he experienced growing up, and a suicide attempt as a response to the isolation he felt being gay. 



Speaking about his sexuality today, G3sha is far more confident and keen to utilize his experience within his music: “As a gay Asian rapper, I want to use my music to break down certain stereotypes”.


Adding: “I want to shine the light on some issues within our community in my songs! At the same time, I want to make sure that the music and visuals I put out are all about good vibes. It’s really important that people can have fun whilst listening and watching!”


Official release party for ‘Boys’

The new single Boys will feature on G3sha’s upcoming album New World. Describing the track, he says: “Think the first gay circuit Party you ever went to. The mood is: GAY BOYS, MUSCLE BOYS, SKINNY BOYS, ALL THE BOYS!!!!!!!”


The video for the song is set in a queer night club and G3sha said he wanted to capture “a sense of camaraderie formed amongst friends. Good vibes all around… a party”. 


‘Boys’ official launch party


G3sha is currently a featured competitor in the LGBTQ Music Chart and you can vote for him HERE.


The follow-up single to Boys, called Tank Top, will be released at the end of October 2021.


You can stream and download Boys here and check out the music video below: