‘LGBT free’ zones? NAH! Defiant community stages biggest Pride in Poland’s history


THIS is what Pride’s about. This all over! Pride was born out of a riot, a defiant act, and the Polish LGBTQ+ community have brought it right back to its roots – meeting their haters head on. 


This weekend saw the biggest ‘equality march’ in Warsaw that the country has ever seen in spite of a terrifying rise in anti-LGBTQ+ violence, terrorism and rhetoric across the nation. Poland’s infamous ‘anti-LGBT’ zone have received condemnation from around the word and shame from within the country. 


Whereas a swathe of the country’s far right politicians have drummed up hate, the Mayor of Warsaw, Rafal Trzaskowski, expressed his support for the community, telling the thousands strong crowd: ‘I am here again to show that we will always stand together and stand by those who are weaker, those that others try to marginalise or attack’


We stand with our Polish community and are heartened to see how strong the resistance to hate is in the face of such harsh adversity.