More often than not these days it feels like transphobia is the last bastion when it comes to discrimination, the final phobia that it’s OK to speak openly about. 

From the slew of proposed anti-trans legislations aimed at erasing trans kid’s identities in the USA to the outright bigotry of certain mainstream media outlets, as visibility for the trans community increases, so does the discrimination.

For what is technically a very small minority, the coverage is astoundingly huge with the likes of former beloved author (current annoying TURF) JK Rowling even doubling down on her insensitive and incendiary comments about a group of people who for the most part ultimately just want their basic human right to live their truths and exist peacefully and equally amongst the rest of society.

Sadly some organisations aren’t up for getting on board with that and would rather push their barbarous rhetoric, dehumanising hyperbole and poisonous propaganda front and centre. 

One such organisation, the LGB Alliance, has now been recognised in the UK as a registered charity by the Charity Commission.  By its very existence as a trans-exclusionary body, the LGB Alliance throws up a world of issues and we are NOT into it.

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The borderline hate group bleat on their website: ‘We engage with others respectfully. We discuss, propose, and oppose ideas; we do not attack individuals. Disagreement does not equal hate.We do not condone, endorse, or encourage any abusive or discriminatory behaviour towards any group or individual.’

Cleverly worded but by their very decision to create this bigoted sack of shit mentality group back in 2020, it means trans support, rights and even co-existence don’t seem to be on their agenda. In fact, in their celebratory social media post, they finished it with the hashtag #SexNotGender.

Well we hope they remember for just one second exactly how THEY felt when lesbian, gay and bisexual people were treated (and still are) as second class citizens and why exactly they want to propagate that feeling toward a community that is more vulnerable than ever. 

In no uncertain terms we at GLUE just want to add unequivocally – and we cannot stress this enough – that you support the entire community or fuck *clap* right *clap* off *clap* PERIOD.

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