Wait…what…where are we? Sorry we just fainted. Kylie Minogue has done a cover of  Lady Gaga’s Marry the Night from Born This Way in time for the 10th anniversary. 


We’ve been getting news in dribs and drabs about the forthcoming celebratory album but nothing could have prepared us fo this.


Kylie’s not the giant star in the USA as she is in the rest of the world but she’s still a music legend and gay icon that every pop star worth their salt would recognise. Just ask Madonna who wore a Kylie Minogue t-shirt back at the MTV Awards in 2000.


After a cryptic tweet to Gaga ‘What are you doing tonight?’ she then tweeted a few hours later: ‘Surprise! My version of Lady Gaga’s Marry the Night is out now!’ Gaga called Kylie a ‘warrior queen’ and let us all know that the full album would be released on June 25.


It is (of course) a disco banger and once we can all dance in clubs again it’s bound to be doing the rounds in every queer haunt all over the world. Little monsters and lovers unite!


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