Kylie and Dua hit peak pop realness with new remix video


If there were two pop icons that were destined to work together it was Kylie Minogue and Dua Lipa.


Both had huge album success last year with Dua’s Future Nostalgia and Kylie’s Disco albums both hitting the number one spot. This also meant Minogue has had a number one album in all of the last five decades. Pretty impressive.


The love-in started when Minogue popped up in Lipa’s Studio 2054 performance which came shortly after Minogue’s Infinite Disco ‘as live’ shows a few months earlier.


Bopping about to Kylie’s Real Groove, the pair clearly hit it off with Minogue even writing a gushing piece for Time magazine’s 100 Next Most Influential people in the world, saying “Dua Lipa is a shining star, blazing a dazzling trail through the pop cosmos.” Praise indeed coming from the Princess of Pop. 


As if that already wasn’t gay perfection, they’ve now released an eighties remix video for their collab on Real Groove by Initial Talk and it’s beyond. Literally it’s pop genius and funny AF into the bargain.


Lipa is clearly hitting every homo’s dream notes having worked with Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Elton John and Missy Elliot just in the last year. All hail.