Kardashians scramble to banish accidentally posted unedited pic of Khloe

Khloe as she usually looks. Pic: Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

So THAT’S what she really looks like! A really quite lovely unedited snap of Khloe Kardashian that is the polar opposite of her usual fare, has emerged and they are NOT happy.


Seemingly taken at Kris Jenner’s gaff in Cali, the photo was taken and posted in error by an an assistant and the clan have been frantically scrambling to have it banished from the internet ever since. 


The photo’s crime? Actually looking like Khloe Kardashian. Sadly because it hasn’t been photoshopped to death until it looks like a completely different person it is deemed as ‘unauthorised’ and destined for destruction. 


Earlier this year she posted a pic of her very faint stretch marks saying ‘I love my stripes’ so fans are calling hypocrisy on her for rushing to have the pic taken down from the internet which is, of course, almost impossible. 


Legal threats have been flying left right and centre so we’re not about to post it on here but you can shoot over to Page Six to check it out… but you ‘d better be quick.


The Kardashians have been accused of setting body positivity back years with their various cosmetic ‘procedures’, promotion of diets fads and extensive photoshopping of their images. It’s just a shame that their young fans have to now see their desperation to remove a picture of Khloe actually looking real for once like that’s such a horrendous thing.