Justin Timberlake publicly apologises to Britney AND Janet Jackson (at last)


It’s been a massive week for Britney Spears and indeed her fans. ¬†They have loyally been by her side for decades and¬†are finally seeing some sort of vindication.


The new documentary Framing Britney Spears seems to be gathering momentum by the day and this new piece of jaw dropping news is bound to send it stratospheric.


After viewing the film, there had been calls for Justin Timberlake to apologise from fans and stars alike.¬†Usually a star as big as JT wouldn’t pay this sort of thing any mind but the evidence portrayed in the documentary is clearly compelling enough for him to have to address it.¬†


In what can only be described as a twofer, he also apologised to Janet Jackson in the same statement. Fans of Janet have been calling for him to apologise for remaining silent when he was lauded and she was cancelled after that wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl in 2004. 


The nuts and bolts of his apology seems to have come when all the tags and the comments became impossible to ignore. ¬†Timberlake says he was sorry for not speaking up at the time, in both cases. He goes on to say that he ‘benefited from a system that condones misogyny and racism.’


Some might say it comes a few decades too late.