Just in time – Dolly Parton joins Grace and Frankie


Recently we included classic work place comedy 9 to 5 in our essential eighties movies. A sequel has been talked about ever since the film’s release with scripts, directors… decades coming and going.


Things looked up when they announced it was in the works again in 2018 but was officially dropped in 2019, before the pandemic even hit.


You might think ‘well that’s because they’re getting on a bit’ and if so you’d be replacing the sexism theme of the original for ageism! Whilst no doubt they’ve been shielding for the past year due to their vulnerability (Lily Tomlin is 81, Jane Fonda 83 and Dolly Parton a god-dayam spring Tennessee chicken at 75), they ain’t retirin’ yet!


Hit Netflix series Grace and Frankie is about to start filming its seventh and final season and it looks like we might have our reunion at last. The adored sitcom about the wives of two business partners turned gay life partners is coming to the end of its run and Dolly is due to be a guest star, finally reuniting the three ladies. ‘I’ve been trying to do Grace and Frankie for years’ she told the UK’s Lorraine Kelly.


How this will come about (Lily Tomlin has said she could do it remotely but we’re hoping that won’t be the case) as anyone’s guess but we can’t wait. Filming of the delayed season starts later in the year.