Julio, the gay Cuban hairdresser, gets recast in The Simpsons


Fans of The Simpsons know that some of the most popular characters are blatant stereotypes of race, nationality and sexuality. 

Fans will also know that as the show reaches its record breaking 32nd season, it has faced a reckoning when it comes to these stereotypes and who portrays them.

Firstly there was Apu who, despite being hugely popular, was retired last year after being voiced by a white man putting on a ropey accent. That same white man, Hank Azaria, has now been replaced as the voice of the gayest character in Springfield, Julio, Marge’s hairdresser. 

Gay actor Tony Rodriguez is now playing the role saying on his Instagram page “Tonight I make my debut on The Simpsons as gay, Cuban Julio. This is a dream come true for me and I was already a living cartoon.”

Of course Julio was a stereotype but the question is, was he offensive? The Simpsons has come under fire of late for being too woke and losing its edge. While Hank Azaria has apologised for Apu, he’s yet to apologise for Julio. The question is, does he need to?