Judge’s ruling reversed by Spanish court after woman successfully sues husband for ‘hiding his homosexuality’


A woman in Spain sued her ex-husband for ‘hiding his homosexuality’ and he had been ordered by a judge to pay her compensation after she claimed that he had concealed his sexuality for the three years they were together.


Last year, nearly ten years after getting divorced, Javier Vilalta, a human rights lawyer, learnt that his ex-wife was seeking €10,000 in damages. While she didn’t get that, the judge at the time ordered him to pay €3,000, a thousand for every year they had been married. 


This week in Valencia, a judge overturned this ruling saying that it infringed on Vilalta’s privacy and was discriminatory. Reversing the initial decision after a appeal, the judge said that no-one should have to declare their sexuality in court. 


We’re actually surprised this hasn’t happened more often. When a man comes out in later life it can be devastating for his wife who can often feel like their life has all been a sham. The reality is, of course, far more complicated and in this case Vilalta said he appealed not only for himself but for others and called Spain’s laws backward and conservative.