Joe and Jill Biden have a message for you for Pride (shame about all the thumbs down though)


What a difference a year makes. This time last year we had a lying, corrupt racist in the White House and now we have the Bidens. They have put out a message for Pride month and we are living for it.


Mentioning the anniversary of the Pulse terrorist attack as well as how much work there is still to do, it is extremely comforting to know there is an ally in the President and First Lady. 


With Kamala Harris becoming the first Vice President to ever march in a Pride parade like she did this past weekend, there’s never been an administration that is more supportive. We only hope they can make a difference, words of support only go so far.


Here’s message in full. You’ll notice that the comments are switched off and there’s already over 3 times as many ‘thumbs down’ as there are ‘likes’. GREAT.