Jameela Jamil shows off some fighting moves as she heads to the MCU for She-Hulk


Queer identifying actor and presenter Jameela Jamil has been showing off some of her moves as she hits training (literally) hard for her role as the baddie Titania in new MCU spin off She-Hulk, due out on Disney+ in 2022.


After being a successful presenter in the UK on cult shows such as T4, Jameela packed her bags and moved to Hollywood to get her teeth into some acting. She wouldn’t be the first to have done this with varying results but she proved she had the mettle with The Good Place for which she garnered a massive following and comedy plaudits alike. 


She’ll be swapping cast mates from the likes of Ted Danson and Kristen Bell to a slightly more A-list Mark Ruffalo and Tim Roth who will both be reprising their roles as the Hulk and Abomination in the new series.