J.K. Rowling and Winston Churchill removed as house names in East Sussex school


A few years ago, Seaford Head School in East Sussex gave Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill the honour of being names of school houses. Anyone who was part of the ‘house system’ in school will know they are normally named after people of note, whether to that school specifically or culture at large.


This week, however, parents of kids at the school received a letter from the student body saying that Rowling and Churchill were both to be replaced as they no longer ‘represent the school’s core values.’


J.K. Rowling found herself on the receiving end of calls for her cancellation in 2020 due to anti-trans comments she made (and then doubled down on) to the dismay of her millions of Potter fans.


Churchill’s removal comes from already known archaic and unacceptable views on race that resurfaced during the worldwide Black Lives Matter movement in the summer of 2020.


All houses at the school will be now renamed via a student vote in order to more reflect the local community.