It’s a Sin success reignites calls for Queer as Folk reboot

Queer As Folk star Charlie Hunnam in Pacific Rim

Russel T. Davies’ It’s a Sin has been a runaway success beyond all expectations, seeing an uptake of 91% in viewership of All 4, the platform that the show runs on in the UK.


The huge viewing figures have only enhanced calls for a new reboot of Davies’ ground-breaking nineties series Queer as Folk. While the US version of the show ran for five seasons between 2000-2005, there were only ever two series of the UK version. 


So would the reboot be based on the UK or the US version? Closet Monster director Stephen Dunn has the rights according to Davies and an American reboot has been in works since 2019, no doubt going into hibernation during the pandemic.  


Either way, more queer television is always welcome and we hope that whatever guise it comes in there will be room for at least a cameo from now A-lister Charlie Hunnam who is a stone cold hottie these days.