International Non-Binary People’s Day

International Non-Binary People's Day, July 14
International Non-Binary People's Day, July 14

International Non-Binary People’s Day


International Non-Binary People’s Day is observed each year on July 14, with the aim of raising awareness of the numerous issues faced by non-binary people around the world.

Non-binary is an umbrella term for people whose gender doesn’t sit comfortably with either β€˜man’ or β€˜woman’. However non-binary identities are varied and can include folk who identify with some aspects of binary identities, while others reject them entirely.

People whose gender is not male or female might use many different terms to describe themselves, with non-binary being one of the most common.

However other terms include genderqueer, agender, bigender, and more.

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Non-Binary Awareness Week began on July 11 and today (14th) we celebrate the wide range of beautiful people in our community worldwide who are living and thriving beyond the binary.

The day was first celebrated in 2012, with the date was chosen for being precisely between International Men’s Day and International Women’s Day.

But non-binary people are not a new phenomenon, in fact non-binary identities have been widely recognized throughout cultures and societies around the world.

The best way to learn about the non-binary experience and how to be the best ally you can, is to listen to non-binary community members and hear about their experience.

The best way to uplift non-binary siblings in the community is to talk, engage, ask questions respectfully and – as always – show love and solidarity


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