“I’ll let you guys talk”: Messy iPhone hack so you can leave a room but still hear the tea



A gay (fresh off the back of a Real Housewives binge) has to have been behind this. 


A modern solution for modern problems, you might say  but only if you’re a messy bish



You know the kind of situation, there’s people talking in the next room and you want to hear the tea, but a glass against the wall just isn’t providing you with the kind of studio definition, surround sound quality that your nosey ears are accustomed to. 


One Tiktok user appears to have uncovered the solution to your meddlesome dilemma and it’s frighteningly easy to implement (as long as you’re an iPhone user).


It seems that all you have to do is activate the ‘live listening’ feature on your iPhone and you can casually leave your device in any room but still be privy to whatever noise it picks up, as long as you’ve got your wireless headphones connected.


Oh Lawd.