IKEA drop Pride themed ‘Love Seats’ and Twitter cannot cope


“I want my furniture to speak to who I am as a person”

IKEA: “Say no more, fam”


Twitter went wild this week as it came to one users attention that IKEA Canada had released a collection on ‘Love Seat’s’ – and they were truly something to behold. 


The collection – in honor of Pride Month – features designs by LGBTQ+ people, with each love seat representing different identities and corresponding Pride flags. 



As ever, Twitter had a lot to say on the PS2121 (Pride Season 2021) line, and users did not disappoint.


Although the campaign was actually (we hope) a really cool way for designers to express their sexuality and identity  through the medium of .. er.. couches soft-furnishings, rather than to start selling them as actual functional seating, Twitter still went wild at the prospect. 


Particular focus was on the bisexual loveseat:


The bi offering from the couch range comes in trademark blue, purple, and pink colouring and is fully complete with giant aesthetic pink hands. Thank god. 


Couch creator Brian took to Twitter to defend his design saying that: “the line “when you change ‘or’ to ‘and’, nobody believes you” is from a poem I wrote in high school about bisexual erasure I experienced from an ex-partner and others”.


Here are some highlights from Twitter’s responses (search IKEA Loveseats for more):