Husband defends Lance Bass after Britney supporter says he tried to ‘discredit the Free Britney’ movement


Britney Spears and NSYNC hit the big time around about the same time so it stands to reason that they have been pals for years, especially seeing as she went out with his band mate at the time, Justin Timberlake. 


Now Lance Bass’s husband Michael Turchin has come out fighting for his man when it was claimed that people close to Britney Spears repeatedly told Lance that she needed the help of a conservatorship.


Bass, 42-year-old is said to have been reassured in the past by Britney’s camp that the musician was ‘fine’ but his husband now says that he had been told different things by different people that he had trusted at the time. 


This all comes over a year after Lance, when asked about the Free Britney movement in his podcast, suggested that they should ‘trust the system’ which of course is NOT what fans wanted to hear, 


After someone on Twitter said they couldn’t forget that Bass ‘tried to discredit the free Britney people,’ Turchin responded in a lengthy post: ‘That coupled with the fact lance was told by many ppl in her camp that she’s fine and needed help over and over again. Again it’s easy for outsiders to point fingers but it’s not so easy when you’re being told different things by ppl you once trusted.’


Michael continued: ‘And instead of trying to educate and inform him most of the free Britney accounts on here just bash him and insult him and malign him—u think that’s a good tactic for him to want to support the cause? He literally deleted his Twitter a while ago bc the abuse was too much.’


It’s pretty clear that the Free Britney movement is very protective over her, even more so now she has broken her silence about the conservatorship. Let’s hope it can be resolved (and DISSOLVED) as soon as possible.