Horrific evidence played at trial of ‘Jeffrey Dahmer 2.0’ in Los Angeles


The trial of former prominent businessman and Democratic donor Ed Buck began this week and has already taken a dark turn with videos of ‘party and play’ antics gone awry.


Advocate journalist Jasmine Cannick had been pushing for Buck’s arrest since August 2017 and he now faces nine federal felony counts, two being distribution of controlled substances resulting in death. 


Buck was obsessed with having sex on drugs and would lure often homeless black men back to his place and convince them to get high until they passed out. Gemmel Moore, 26, died in Buck’s home in July 2017, and then Timothy Dean, 55, in January 2019.


Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department recovered over 2,400 videos from Buck’s home, over half of which depicted drug use including the victims smoking meth through a tube whilst wearing a black leather hood as he used racist slurs and then sexually assaulted them. 


Cannick compared Buck to Dahmer on her website and also wrote: ‘One particularly disturbing video — and they were all disturbing — Gemmel Moore is unconscious and Ed Buck is playing with his penis. Buck is seen grabbing, twisting, and posing Gemmel’s penis for the camera.’


The trial continues and is expected to last another week.