Hook-up apps will NOT be removed from the Apple App Store


Grindr was in the news for a more nefarious reason recently when a man pleaded guilty to using it to rob and assault gay men, now it’s back in the headlines. 


New Apple guidelines have been revealed this week that had people panicking that they will be removing ‘hook-up’ apps from the app store like Grindr or Scruff. Well, fear not, Apple has confirmed that they are not be the target of the new policies.


Apple are all too aware of the abuse that can filter down to the public via apps that are simply fronts for porn, prostitution or sex trafficking and ‘hook-up’ apps are some of those fronts that the company will be actively shutting down. There is coding within the updates so that even though sometimes apps like Grindr or Scruff might contain pornography, they won’t be flagged for it. 


So in other words…PHEW! Apple are a very inclusive company and indeed show their commitment to the LGBTQ+ community on the regs, with SO many emojis that reflect the gender spectrum for example. Literally, the panic was palpable that we might not able to ‘get some’ all of a sudden but we can rest easy… it’s all ok.