Homophobic review bombers get to work on The Eternals before it’s even released


As we have said many times before, the further we get with inclusion and visibility, the more people come out opposing our very existence.


As the culture war rages on and the political divide grows ever wider, the ‘anti-woke’ brigade have taken to review bombing new MCU movie The Eternals simply for daring to have a have gay characters with a family. 


This famously happened to the female-led Ghostbusters back in 2016  which dared to use SNL comedy legends Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon as the main ‘busters. How DARE they stat women?! The tears and anger of incels was loud and ruthless. Same goes for Captain Marvel, star Brie Larson has said a few things in the past to irritate the incels so she felt their ‘wrath’ when the movie came out. Not that it made any difference as it was a huge hit. 


Cut to now, the homophobes are out in full force dishing out one star reviews on various sites claiming the movie is too ‘woke’ as it has positive representation of gay superheroes. Brian Tyree Henry plays Phastos who is the first proper gay representation in the whole of the MCU. 


People need to calm themselves down. Watch the movie or don’t watch the movie FFS. Either way, gay people exist even if superheroes might not.