Homophobic F*** slur thrown at heterosexual popstar Zayn Malik during shirtless street brawl

Images: TMZ / Twitter

Straight people are so funny. Not content with calling us the F word, they’ll even turn on each other and utilize it in a street fight.  

TMZ reports that Zayn was involved in a heated confrontation with some dude outside Little Sister Lounge in Manhattan after 2am, where apparently a homophobic slur got thrown around.

Sources close to the situation apparently told TMZ: “Zayn was smoking a cig outside Amsterdam Billiards Club in the East Village after 2 AM when a group of guys came out of Little Sister Lounge next door and an altercation ensued”.

This chap (who clearly had misheard the lyrics to Pillowtalk – it’s “FU*KING you, fighting you” not “Fag-ing you, fighting you”) apparently ‘lunged’ at the former One Direction star, allegedly calling Zayn the homophobic f-word in the process. Zayn is said to have ‘hurled back some insults’. As you would.

Reports say that no actual punches were thrown and the police weren’t called. 

Anyway the reason you’re really here… it would appear that Zayn was shirtless for the war of words. No one knows why. Don’t question it.