Hilarious gay Twitter accounts you should be following in 2021



Ah, Twitter. Not only are you great for so so so much free gay porn breaking news and current affairs, you’re also home to a lot of very funny people. Specifically, funny gay people. 


Twitter is a funny beast – you either love it or hate it. Sometimes both. It’s got a lot of downsides for sure, but what you’ll also find on the platform is some brilliant, funny, and wonderfully queer content. You’ve just got to know where to look. That’s where we come in. 


Here are some of our favourite funny accounts to follow, so that you too can laugh along with us on the daily.

 **Small but important disclaimer** OVBIOUSLY we’ve started with our own. Duh.


Tap the Tweets to follow, here goes (in no particular order)…




















Missed your favourite? Drop them in the comments below! 


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