High School Musical: The Series features Disney’s first same-sex love song



Disney history has been made with its first same-sex love song, featured on ‘High School Musical: The Series.’


The song, titled In a Heartbeat, featured on the 10th episode of the current season and sees Carlos (Frankie Rodriguez) singing a love song to his boyfriend Seb (Joe Serafini).


What makes it even cuter is that the pair are a couple in real life. Speaking of the Disney first in an interview with EW, Rodriguez said: “It’s very special and I hope that people are able to connect with it”

Continuing: “I’m just hoping that this is like a blueprint for what else is to come and what else they can explore and what they’ll do” 


Serafini commented: “It’s just so important to have people to look to, especially if you’re in a situation or environment that’s maybe less accepting, to see that, if I am feeling these feelings, other people are too and there’s hope”

Continuing: “There’s someone to look towards. It’s going to be okay, and hopefully, it will get better.”


The episode is called “The Transformation” and is streaming now on Disney+


Check out the clip below!