Hell yes! Karine Jean-Pierre becomes first gay woman to head White House press briefing


After the horrors of the Trump administration, you’d be forgiven for blocking out the likes of Sean Spicer, Kayleigh McEnany and Sarah Sanders from your mind like it was a hideous nightmare. 

Well, it seems like the Biden administration is just as keen to wipe the slate clean and present some press briefings that aren’t chock full of lies, propaganda and conspiracy theories delivered by hypocrites and religious nut jobs. 

Step up to the podium Karine Jean-Pierre who has become the first gay person to front the briefing, making history in the process as the first black woman to do so in 30 years. We’re certainly not gong to go into the content of the briefing as this ain’t a political piece but we just want to say congratulations to Karine and we couldn’t be more pleased by the way the Biden presidency advocates representation across the board.

In case you’d forgotten and fancied a reminder, here’s Melissa McCarthy’s now legendary Saturday Night Live skit of the Trump administration’s first disastrous press briefing with buffoon Sean Spicer.