Heartwarming video shows father helping his 15 year old son fly Pride flag



Oklahoma Dad comes through as an ally for his son.


Parents who step-up as amazing LGBTQ+ allies should be celebrated, and we’ve already had some lovely examples of exactly that in 2021 including this AMAZING video we posted to our Instagram of Dad supporting his son who wanted to dress as Elsa for a trip to the cinema.


Up next – currently doing the viral rounds on Tiktok – is 15 year old Caden Wyatt and his Dad, who live is a conservative part of Oklahoma. 

Wyatt’s Dad told BuzzFeed News he and his family wanted to publicly support their son – who came out less than a year ago – and let others know their home is a safe space by flying a Pride Ally flag outside it. 


Throw in some Gaga playing in the background and you’ve got yourself a sure-fire viral hit AND a truly adorable video for Pride Month.


Parents everywhere! Take note…