Harry’s Boo – Harry Styles’ love interest in My Policeman revealed.



*sings* Harry’s got a boyfriend(ish)… (well, not really). But still we are LIVING at the idea. 

My Policeman (release date unknown) is the much-awaited movie – staring Mr Styles – set in 1950s Brighton. The story which is based on Bethan Roberts’ novel, follows Marion, a schoolteacher who falls in love with a policeman called Tom (our Hazza).

Tom, however, develops feelings for a museum curator named Patrick, but due to the social constraints of the era (AKA “We don’t like puffs these days”), he decides that it is safer for him to marry Marion, and the two lovers are forced to share him until one of them breaks.

Although the story is set in the 1950s, it takes place in the 1990s, when an elderly Patrick arrives at Marion and Tom’s home, triggering flashbacks of the events from 40 years previous.

Styles’ lover will be played by David Dawson (so we know he goes for Daddy types) in the romantic drama My Policeman. The Last Kingdom star, 38, will take on the role of Patrick Hazelwood, whilst Rupert Everett will appear as his older-self and future Harry will be played by Linus Roache. The Crown star Emma Corrin confirmed to be starring opposite her pal Harry Styles in the flick. 


With an extremely strong cast, a romantic queer storyline AND Mr Styles involved – we cannot wait!

There’s no trailer for the movie yet so instead here’s a completely gratuitous clip of Harry just being cute AF. Enjoy!