Grindr Gets A Face… Finally. Gay Social App Set To Launch Its Own TV Series



In 2021 Grindr appears to be the one “looking for TV’s” as it’s set to embark on its own TV show… yeah, you heard that right.

According to Deadline, everyone’s favourite “dating” (lol) app, Grindr will be releasing it’s very own TV show and much like the men on there, it’s not that far away. 

Expected in 2021 ‘Bridesman‘, will follow a “gay bridesman as he undermines his best friends wedding” and will consist of 6 to 10-minute episodes, which begin production later on this month.

The series will be “hosted” on Grindr itself but will also “travel” to Youtube, where you’ll be able to watch it if you’re not a Grindr user. 

It’s actually all pretty exciting because comedian Jimmy Fowlie has been brought on to star in the show, alongside Sydnee Washington and Shannon Devido. Bridesman is also set to have an array of guest stars ranging from Kim Petras, Benito Skinner and Liva Pierce.

Fowlie updated his Instagram to excitedly share news of the series by saying: “Being the lead of a series that can only be seen on a sex app is unfortunately on-brand for me.” (side-note: Same, sis)

He continued: “Picture me downloading Grindr to my dad’s droid so he can watch the pilot jk ya’ll know I’m unaware of my dad’s whereabouts.” (side-note: We love him lol)

Whether you use Grindr or not is your own personal choice (presumably the reason for making it available on Youtube – not all couples are looking for a third after all), but there’s no doubt that we are LIVING for the idea of this show. Any and all opportunities for more queer-themed TV shows is a welcome and important addition in our book. 

AND at least if it’s being handled by Grindr – rather than a straight production company – you know it’ll be done right because they are GAY AF.

We can’t wait! Good on ya, Grindr.