GLUE Meets: Juan Pablo Di Pace



Some people spent their lockdown eating everything non-stop, some people passed the time drinking everything in sight, not actor Juan Pablo Di Pace. Born in Buenos Aires, Juan Pablo (or JP to his pals), 41, began his career in London and has starred in the popular reboot of Dallas, Full House spin off Fuller House and Mamma Mia, where he showed off his impeccable singing voice. GLUE chatted to him from his LA home.   


You have played a broad and eclectic set of roles, what would you say was your favourite and why? 

They’re all my favourites because they’re part of my education in this odd career… Every role teaches you something different at a very specific time of your life, so I thank every single one of them for waking me up to a part of myself I needed to pay attention to. From Jesus to a clown, to a serial killer, they’re all my children and I love them.

You started out in the UK, what would you say attracts you about Britain?

London was my playground for 10 years, and I had the time of my life there, especially getting started and learning from great people. I love the Uk because of the dry humor and the history.

I remember the first time I visited London I was like “this is like Hogwarts” and I wanted to be part of the theatre culture and to learn from the Brits. I love the UK.

Do you get back to Buenos Aires much?

I try to, but it’s tough. I end of visiting every 3 years more or less, cause I have tons of family and friends there.

The pandemic has been devastating for the entertainment industry. Have you managed to stay busy?

Yup, I think the pandemic has kicked my creativity up the arse and I shifted gears like it was the end of the world. I managed to create 13 episodes of a web series in lockdown called “Minutiae” (see below).

And I wrote my second movie also during this time as well as shot 2 music videos and now promoting an EP of 5 original songs… I’m exhausted.

Did you have to lockdown? And if so, where and who with?

I was by myself in LA for a good 3 months, then I came to Madrid to be with my folks for 2 months again, then back to LA alone, then back to Madrid with my folks. Life is about balance 🙂

You came out in 2019, were you worried how people would react or did most of your friends and family know already?

Not really. I have an awesome family. It’s a non-issue.

Would you say that there is less of a stigma being an out gay actor nowadays?

Yup, for sure. In fact, I believe that if you are queer in the entertainment industry today, you’re rock and roll.


You have a wonderful singing voice, can you tell us about any upcoming musical projects?

My EP is coming out in March, first single “FALL ON ME” is out now and I’m very proud of it, the video was shot in one location with 2 people, and we had to get creative to make it visually stunning with the tiniest resources. The second single, “Te Sentí” will be out in a few weeks and it will be a Spanish language song with strong Gypsy and Flamenco vibes…


A lot of artists recorded albums during the lockdown, did you get into the studio or if not, did you manage to be creative in other ways with the spare time? 

I co-produced and wrote remotely via cool programmes and mics I have at home as I said before, it has been a good antidote to discovering how much we can do with very little paraphernalia.

You’ve sold out some fantastic live venues, what can an audience member expect from one of your shows? Would you like to get back to live shows/theatre? 

I’d love to… Performing in front of a real breathing group of humans is by far the biggest high, so I really hope we get back to that. In my shows, I really try to be as honest and vulnerable as possible, because no one wants to see anyone pretending onstage, so when the world opens back up again, that’s what I’ll giv’em!

You’ve been in Dallas AND Fuller House, two huge names in American culture. Is there another show you would love to have been in or would love to be in in the future?

Yes! I would have loved to have been in “V” that 80´s show about lizards that came to earth dressed as humans. I´ve done the soapy throwback and the sitcom throwback, well, Sci-Fi should be next, I say!

They were both reboots, are there any shows you think would benefit from the reboot treatment?

I think they’ve made them all… Actually…. I would LOVE to see “3 Non Blondes” come back to the screen. I am a huge fan of Jocelyn Jee Esien, so anything she’s producing, I wanna see it. She was such a trailblazer in the 2000’s I cannot wait to see where her mind is at NOW…  Also, “Little Miss Jocelyn”, please tell her to come back, you’re closer!

Did you watch any movies or series in lockdown that you loved?

Who hasn’t?! Queen’s Gambit, Surviving Death, Succession, I May Destroy You


Finally, we have to ask, what was it like to work with Meryl Streep?

Awesome. She was absolutely brilliant to work with. A class act and very funny to be around. Just like Colin Firth, who I adore.


Check out MINUTIAE below (it’s fabulous) and follow Juan on Instagram here.